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How would I cleanse my colon and detoxify my body naturally without buying any supplements?

Is my colon/rectum supposed to leave my anus...please read I am so scared..?
okay so i had to fart really badly and my roommate left for the washroom so i figured i''d make this one count. but i did it with such force that a bit of my colon or like the rectum slid out and is protruding from my bum. if i push it back will it be ok? i can''t sit down properly

Will my friend be able to have major colon surgery if his blood pressure is low?
He is due for an urgent 6 hour operation in 2 days time, but now his blood pressure is low.

Do i have colon cancer or internal hemroids?
I have had blood in my stool a few times in the past 2 months. It was abit in the toilet and some on the toilet paper. I have had few spots of blood on toilet paper here and there. But month and half ago it was alot of blood in the toilet and on paper , stopped for awhile did it again 4 days ago. And yesterday it did it like 3 4 times in 1 day. I went to the ER and they said it''s internal so they couldn''t tell me exactly what it is but he said either internal hemroids or colon cancer. I recently started working out agian and taking protein power and eating healthy. I started pooping more often , Have had gas often and i thought it was from the protein. But i googled symptoms of colon cancer and those are symptoms as well as bleeding on the stool. But im 23 years old , NO family history of colon cancer at all. Also sometimes when i stool my butt hurts so bad and it burns sometime i thought it was from hemroids .. Jus seeking opinionsThe blood is bright red , Its not dark at all. And I was amazed my self when the ER told me they couldn''t do anthing internal. Kinda sad...

If I had colon cancer wouldn''t I be losing weight?
I have to have a colonscopy done because of Low Iron Doctor is worried colon cancer. Well wouldn''t I be losing weight & see blood in my stool if this was the case? I am not losing any weight I wish I would lose weight and I never see blood.

Could this be colon cancer?
I am thirty three and have been anemic for several months and vit.D deficient. Within the last month I have noticed bouts of diarrhea and then not have a bowel movement BM for a week with no feeling or urge to go to the bathroom. I also have developed a " lump in my throat feeling" , I am not sure if it is related to all of my abdomen problems. I have found that I do not have a BM unless prompted by a laxative. which is painful in my abdomen I almost always have a " full" feeling in my gut, like gas or bloating. Sometimes it is hard for me to pas gas, I get the feeling I need to pass gas and I have to really push just to pass gas. I recently experienced a moment of extreme sweat accompanied by severe cramps and bloody diarrhea. I told my doctor what happened and she told me that she wants me to have a colonoscopy done this Friday. I have been searching the internet and have been trying to prepare myself, however I seem to get discouraged easily by the amount of information the is completely different from one website to another. Please let me know if you know of anything else that could be causing these problems or if I should just brace myself and prepare for the big " C" word.

I was on a strong antibiotic and it got my colon totally screwed up. have diarrhea all the time.?
Now I appear to have thrush on my tongue Started probiotics. How many a day can I safely take to reestablish good bacteria in my system?? They are 2 billion active culture per pill.

Does a caffeine overdose affect your colon ?
i had a lot of caffeine to day and my colon is hurting , and i have indigestion i think , also i feel like nerve pulses in my eyes or breasts , is that related ?

IBS / Colitis or colon cancer?
I''ve been trying to calm myself but no luck.I think this is the 4th time the problem started but it''s been over 2 weeks now and the symptoms still there while they went away on their own in less than 2 weeks.I''ve been diagnosed with mild gastritis and been taking Prilosec for awhile. 2 weeks ago after I had a grilled chicken salad & a herbal drink. That night & 1 2 of the next day, I had to go to the bathroom number of times to flush everything in my colon not diarrhea then I started to feel mild pain in my lower back and abdomen and diarrhea & constipation started. The bowel movements seemed to relieve the stomach discomfort for a short times 2 3 hours then come back In the last few times, it only took less than 2 weeks for the symptoms to go away on their own but this time. I bought an EZ Detect for hidden blood in stool and half of the times it detected blood. I went to my Doctor office a couple of times to complaint about the symptoms and requested him to refer me to a GI. He told me that my symptoms do not concern him at all but send me to a GI as I requested. I won''t see the GI until next Thursday and I am very scared. Anyone had the same problem but turned out it was just an inflammation of the colon. Please let me now. I am 39 years old with no colon cancer in family history. Thank you.

How long should i colon cleanse?
i''m thinking three to five days

How do i know if i have spastic colon? is there a clear way to know its not cancer?
ok ok so what will happen to me if i have spastic colon or cancer in that area?I have noticed it for 6 years so i mean if its cancer would it be at a point that things would happen that would not with spastic colon? its only now and then i get pain in the area and then it gets hard but a simple light push on it masarge makes it go away so i think itm ight be spastic colon i mean its not that bad is it? i cant die from it can i?sorry i was kinda scared and rushed it and i clicked the wrong button so i didnt spell check it but that word is massage btwwell my family moved to spain and i really never had a choice... when i was 9 10 i always just expected it to be normal because no 1 ever wants to admit something might be long untill its to late... but anyway the hospitals are not free over here and we dont speak spanish but my mum told me my uncle has spastic colon so i could of got it from him

Colon Cleanse for underweight?
So I am 17 and a half years old, 6''2" , and very skinny lanky. My weight is 120 lbs generally. I am a boy.In the last few months my stomach has been on and off upset. Alot of the time it''s upset, and I feel like I''m gonna throw up, but i don''t. I have gas, indigestion and upset stomach almost if not every day, so i thought " maybe a colon cleanse might improve things" So the question is, would it be unsafe for me to do a cleanse? what with being so lightweight.if you think a colon cleanse isnt the solution, give me an idea please, I beg you

Will my Colon " clean - it - self"?
Should i be taking a colon cleanse supplement or will my body naturally " clean it out" ?

Possibly Colon Polyp?
Hello there, thanks for taking the time to read this.I had a polyp removed from my colon in Oct of 2009 in Korea while serving for the U.S. Army. It was found to be non cancerous but I have recently had some of the symptoms again, however no blood in the stool.My symptoms include long, extremely painful bowel movements, sweating, overheating, increased heart rate, dihareha, constipation it changes back and forth .I have recently switched from smoking cigarettes to smoking the e cigarette and I have a family history of Chron''s Disease the closest relative to me having it is a cousin on my fathers side. Thanks for reading