Over-50-Health… Can You Handle The Truth?

Over-50-Health… Can You Handle The Truth?

I am writing this post as I fly home to Vancouver after having spent the last 10 days in various parts of Florida.

I had a fantastic time…

I was also reminded again as to what I think is in store for the majority of Baby Boomers.

Clearly, the overwhelming majority of the “Over 50 Crowd” are too dumb and blind to see what they are doing to themselves with regards to their physical and financial health.

What lies ahead is not gonna be pretty… There are plenty of nasty storm clouds lurking in the sunset!

I see a heap of trouble on the health front, with the majority of Baby Boomers dying from some disease (heart, diabetes etc) well before they actually should.

Just looking at the physical condition of this people how can you not realize otherwise? For every one Boomer that I see that is in reasonably good shape, I see at least 50 that are not!

For the life of me, I don’t why people let themselves go like this.

I mean you have to be dumb, blind and stupid not to realize that unless changes are made, an early death is virtually a given.

Perhaps people are in a state of denial and for whatever reason think that one day they will wake up and their health will be fine.

Or perhaps they have had enough and sub-consciously have given up, can’t deal with the burden and are just looking to end it.

For those looking to take a magic pill with the hopes all will be well and another 20-30 years of living is guaranteed. Folks, it isn’t going to happen…

Along with the health issue, while in Florida, I was yet reminded how the current recession has knocked the ever living crap out of the average Baby Boomer on the financial front. For that matter the Middle Class has been virtually obliterated.

With regards to the average Baby Boomer retiring, forget the idea! It isn’t even a reality if you are having a difficult time paying the bills today while struggling to keep your job that pays you a stagnant income or you have been unlucky and lost the job.

As far as the house providing you with retirement income – that ain’t going to happen either. Prices are still heading down and just wait and see what happens when Boomers begin to cash out of Real Estate in an attempt to fund their retirement…. The market will be flooded with homes for sale and the law of supply and demand will without a doubt kick in.

Can you spell U G L Y?

Unless things change – which is unlikely – boomers will die early and broke. For years there has been a misguided notion that Baby Boomers were going to be a massive force to be dealt with. Because of their spending power, they would dictate marketing trends…

Well, as usual, what the crowd thinks is usually incorrect. It is here too.

So that being said, what is going to happen?

The answer is one of two options….

The 1st is that Boomers do not change and continue to ignore their health while ignorantly waiting for another asset class to inflate. By waiting for another asset class to inflate, they are hoping to find piles of cash without having to earn it.

Again, that isn’t about to happen. Even it were to happen -it won’t -the end result is always devastating. The stock market bubble and the real estate bubble ended horribly for most. The next bubble would do the same.

By the way, choosing this option will lead to a great deal of pain and suffering

The 2nd option is the one that needs to and should take place. However, I really doubt it will.

It is the one that I have chosen. I would like to add that as each day goes by, I am more convinced it is the proper choice.

This option requires you to take control of your health, your finances, your employment options and requires you to thinking independently.

By thinking independently, I am referring to you not going with the crowd mentality. The crowd is always wrong and the end result of following the crowd is disappointment.

There is a saying that I read years ago which I follow everyday. The phrase goes like this – “If The Crowd Was Right, The Crowd Would Be Rich!”

In reality the truth is very different. The crowd is actually unbelievably ignorant and stupid. Don’t follow the crowd.

Because I have chosen the second option, I know that I will maintain my health and fitness. I hope others will chose this option too. Hopefully, more and more as time goes by.

Secondly, because I think independently I have taken control of my employment and income situation, I know I will not have to worry about being put out to pasture before my time.

Now this doesn’t just happen. To remain healthy and financially independent, one has to work at it. It is difficult, however, the alternative is even more so!

Over-50-Health for me means adopting a healthy lifestyle. As far as I am concerned it is the ONLY CHOICE….

I hope you pick it too. Otherwise, what you experience in the coming years isn’t going to be pretty.

As I am flying back to Vancouver from Florida, I realize that the above applies to Baby Boomers everywhere. Regardless of where you live.

“It’s The Better LifeStyle”

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