What you get from a HealthFit Sherpa program

What you get from a HealthFit Sherpa program

A vibrant, customized social media program…………….But most important, a program that delivers RESULTS!

Your HealthFit Sherpa program posts a fresh and frequent flow of engaging, entertaining and educational content out to your customers and prospects. The tools we use are the latest and most powerful social media engines — optimized for your business: A central Blog, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and sharing tools like YouTube and FlickR. Outsourcing the management of this to Healthy Sherpa saves you a huge amount of time, but most importantly, delivers these results:

Improved Google and search engine visibility…because of the way search engines rank sites, a vibrant social media program jumps you higher on the search results page.

Increased web traffic…because you come up higher on searches, and because more and more content is linked to our site, traffic increases.

New clients…more than ever, people search for services online. Some percentage of your new customers find you initially online. When your website visitors increase, customer volume increases.

Increased word-of-mouth….everyone knows word-of-mouth is powerful, but how can you impact it? When your passionate customers use social media to network, it turbo-charges their ability to spread the word. More leads, more referrals.

Enhanced online visibility….your online “footprint” goes up the more content you funnel on to the web. Traditional media, bloggers, and potential customers and partners are all more likely to find you when you build your presence.

Community building / client retention…a Healthy Sherpa program engages a community around your business. The uniqueness of your service and your place can shine through and enhance the loyalty of your customers. Yes, they are clients, but many also like the feeling of being part of a fitness community.

HealthFit Sherpa handles the “heavy lifting” of keeping your social media footprint active and vibrant. Our services include:

Content Management
- Blog hosting and maintenance
- Ongoing content creation and management
- Engagement tactics to encourage participation

Social Network Development Maintenance
- Creation of social identities on Facebook and Twitter
- Development and publishing of content for these identities �
- Recruiting and development of social network connections

Internet Tool Development / Search Engine Optimization
- Periodic enhancement and upgrade of social media tools, such as blog
- platforms, and interactive widgets.
- Analysis and refinement of Search Engine Optimization performance

Reporting Analytics / reports
- Program interaction
- Web traffic
- Leads and Referrals
- Retention�