How To Clear Nasal Congestion - Organic Yerba Santa - Overcome Vaginal Dryness

How To Clear Nasal Congestion - Organic Yerba Santa - Overcome Vaginal Dryness

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Click to enlarge image(s)MouthKote for dry mouth (xerostomia) and dry throat is a new class of oral moisturizer for those looking for dry mouth treatments, it creates a homogeneous layer in the mouth that has a vixcosity and lubricity similar to saliva. Mouthkote eases the discomfort of Dry Mouth (Xerostomia). Patients looking for Dry Mouth remedy, experience: Difficulties eating, speaking and sleeping. Patients with dry mouth (xerostomia) also experience severe and rapid onset of dental caries.

Dry Mouth (xerostomia) is associated with: Aging, Radiation Treatments/Chemo, certain Medications, some Diseases (Sjogren''s Syndrome, Drymouth syndrome, Diabetes, Arthritis, AIDS, etc.) and Post-Surgery.

Mouthkote contains Natural Mucopolysaccharides, extracted from the Yerba Santa Plant. These Mucopolysaccharides mimic the glycoproteins in saliva by holding the aqueous component in contact with the epithelial cells. This adhering action resists moisture dissipation. Yerba Santa has been used in Oral Medications since the beginning of the 20th century with no known side affects or adverse reactions.

Mouthkote has a great Lemon-Lime taste, Sugar and Alcohol Free. Pleasant lemon-lime flavor. Sweetened with Xylitol, helps resist formation of dental caries.

Rescue Your Dry mouth-(xerostomia) Naturally reclaim your health- Buy Mouthkote Now!

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