Milk Thistle - silybum marianus  Herb Garden World

Milk Thistle - silybum marianus Herb Garden World

Milk Thistle - silybum marianus Herb Garden WorldGeneric Viagra


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Milk Thistle is found on waste land and pastures. It is a native to South Europe and Western Asia. This herb has been declared noxious weed in some places. It likes a rich organic soil and grows up to 2.5m tall. Leaves are Grey, large, with prickly ends and flowers are large purple in color and with many spines. Thistle has been widely used as a vegetable and was formerly cultivated in gardens. The young leaves, flower heads and roots can be cooked and eaten.

Milk Thistle is highly esteemed in herbal medicine for its action on the liver and has been often used in place of Blessed Thistle. For a long time the milk thistle seeds were used as a specific treatment for stitches, for fits and epilepsy, and also used in the treatment of varicose veins. The leaves, trimmed and lightly crushed are a wonderful remedy for wounds and sores. Collect and eat the hearts of several young plants before the herb becomes tough and spiky. Use as a medicinal salad for jaundice, blood cleansing, anemia and scurvy. Eat a teaspoonful of powdered seeds once a day for those ailments for which they are intended.

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